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Srak! Srak! Die nächste Kugel ist schon bereit

Amos Snir (Amos Lavi), the head of the Israeli General Security Service, has 60 hours in which to prevent the next political assassination. The year is 2004 and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has recently announced his intention to disengage Israel from the Gaza Strip…

Sharon has received numerous death threats and Snir has been trying to cancel all his public appearances until they are cleared. But there is one appearance that Sharon is determined to keep – he is scheduled to be the key speaker at the Yad Vashem Museum for the Holocaust Day Memorial, and that is less than three days away.

Haim Bouzaglo is an award-winning filmmaker, TV director and screenwriter. Bouzaglo studied literature and theater at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and himself teaches screenwriting and acting. He won numerous awards for his work, including four awards for Janem, Janem at the Syracuse Festival and four Israeli Academy Awards for Times for Cherries. Bouzaglo also wrote and directed these series for Israeli television: Criminal Reports (’05), Illusions (’04), Tranquility (’03), Zinzana (’00) and Merhav Yarkon (’99).

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